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Sewing patterns - A closer look at format

Sewing patterns - A closer look at format

You have two options to purchase a pattern. The PDF pattern or the printed pattern. Each have their advantages and disadvantages.

The PDF pattern: You will receive the pattern in your inbox right after purchase and can begin right away. Download your pattern and store the pattern file locally on your computer. I recommend, you create a folder for sewing patterns so you always know where to find them. The download is yours to keep. You can always print a new copy or a new size. If you print via Adobe Reader you can separate the sizes and only print the size you need which is a huge advantage with the digital patterns.

Keep in mind - the file is personal and cannot be shared with friends and family. 

The printed pattern: Purchasing a printed pattern you only have this one physical copy. You need to make individual copies for all sizes (on large scale paper) in order to keep the full size range. Each printed pattern is followed by a printed sewing manual with colored illustration. If you prefer a physical manual instead of a digital one - this is your choice.

Store your patterns in a folder dedicated to sewing patterns. Always mark your patterns clearly with model name and size.

In order to minimize the use of paper, we recommend you copy the pattern on large scale pattern paper and store in a folder. Always mark your pattern clearly with model name and size.

We encourage discipline working with our pattern. Take the extra time to copy onto large scale paper, mark your patterns clearly with model name and size and store them in plastic pockets. In my experience, a sewing project is easier is embark on with and with a well-cared-for sewing pattern right at hand.