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Sōm is based on the idea that everyone can make garments.

With 10+ years of experience with pattern making in the industry, Christine decided to communicate directly to anyone interested in slow learning and creative expression.

Sōm was founded to build a community of sharing knowledge and inspiration about creating objects of value. Christine has a profound understanding of making and her process draws on years of working close to talented people.

With Sōm she aims to orchestrate creative projects while passing on the tradition of craftsmanship. 

Our patterns are created with a reason for being - contributing to a functional wardrobe of timeless style, elevating practical simplicity.

From season to season, the collection of patterns stays relevant and continues to inspire new projects

Sōm will evolve and develop as experience and ideas form, moving forward at its own pace. We welcome the curious beginner in the world of making, as we enable and inspire more people to find the satisfaction of working with their hands.

Our patterns are created for all genders.

“My work is personal as well as professional”.

— Margaret Howell