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Image of cotton deadstock fabrics on rolls for sewing home made clothes

No. 04. Deadstock fabrics - Hand-picked to match our patterns

At Sōm we offer a curated selection of premium deadstock fabrics sourced from our trusted supplier in Italy. Our selection primarily features high-quality cottons, as well as linen and wool blends. Classic, striped shirting is something we always look for when we search the deadstocks of Italy's finest shirt fabric makers.

Our fabrics are hand-picked to match our sewing patterns. We carefully curate a collection of high quality fabrics, putting thoughtful consideration into every selection. 

What is deadstock?

Imagine a bolt of fabric that was once part of a larger production run for a fashion house or textile manufacturer. However, for various reasons - a change in design, overestimation of demand, or shifting market trends - the entire lot wasn't utilized. These leftover fabrics, perfectly usable and often of high quality, become what's known as deadstock.

By utilizing existing materials rather han producing new ones, we avoid contributing to the demand for virgin resources.